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Base Camp Z is a physical challenge unlike anything else you've experienced.

What would you do if you had to survive against enormous odds? Would you be able to stay calm under pressure and rely on your skills to get out in one piece? You're about to find out!

Base Camp Z is a fully realistic training facility designed to prepare you for the zombie apocalypse. Unlike other zombie training exercises you might have seen, everything you do at Base Camp Z is real! This is not airsoft or paintball - you'll be using live weapons against real training targets.

The experience is based around two main skills: Archery and Pistol shooting. You do not need to have any prior experience of either before you come to Base Camp Z - you'll learn everything you need to know here. If you are already an expert in these disciplines, then you'll find plenty of challenge trying to get to the top of the BCZ leaderboard!


"This place is totally bonkers. I've never had so much fun in all my life. Eat THIS, zombies!!"

Holly W.

Are You Ready?

Upon arrival at Base Camp Z, you'll be briefed and our instructors will take you through an introduction to archery and pistol shooting. Once you know the basics and can handle the weapons safely, you'll have a chance to practice your skills, and then you'll be sent into our survival mazes to face the undead horde.

You'll get two timed runs at each maze, with penalties added for misses or faults. Remember that only a head shot will stop a zombie; hits to the body only slow them down!

The highest scores will  live forever on our leader board, and the best of the best will be invited back to form our elite cadre of Base Camp Z instructors.

The Base Camp Z challenge

When you arrive at Base Camp Z you'll be assigned to a squad (of up to 8 people) based on the arrival time that you selected. Your squad will go through basic training together, and then head out into the survival maze one at a time. This is what you can expect at Base Camp Z:


You might have already discovered that the bow and arrow is one of the most practical weapons for dispatching the undead; it's quiet and allows you to keep your distance, minimising infection risk. Our instructors will get you kitted out with suitable equipment and take you through the basics on our practice range. You'll get about 30 minutes practice time, and then you'll head out to the maze to test your skills for real!



Firearms and ammunition are scarce, but occasionally you'll find some. We'll teach you how to safely and competently handle the standard Resistance-issued Beretta PX-4 Storm semi-automatic pistol. For our training exercises we'll be using the C02-powered air pistol versions; these pistols look, feel and behave just like the live-fire equivalent with the same full-length slide and blowback recoil action. Our instructors will show you how to operate the pistol safely, including changing the magazine, drawing from a side holster, and using a tactical flashlight. The pistol course follows directly from the archery course, but you won't get a pistol to start - you'll have to find it! Once you have your pistol, you'll head to the zombie "shoothouse", where you'll need every ounce of courage to make it through!



The Base Camp Z experience lasts about 2 hours and generally requires a moderate level of fitness, about equivalent to jogging for about 2 x 10 minutes (with a break inbetween). Some aspects of the Base Camp Z experience are more physically demanding, take place in darkness, and also include a small amount of strobe lighting. You can read more about the nature of the activities in our FAQ section.


Kids and Families

Base Camp Z is a great activity for families, with a real focus on working together to learn new skills and then put them into practice. The minimum age for participants at Base Camp Z is 10 years old. The full Base Camp Z experience is open to everyone over this age, provided they are able to safely follow instructions. We have alternate shooting positions which younger participants may use which makes the course fairer - allowing kids and adults to post very similar times. It's not uncommon for families to get very competitive at Base Camp Z! You can read more about the nature of the activities and their suitability for kids and young adults in our FAQ section.

We also recognise that Base Camp Z might not be for everyone, or you might have family members under the age of 10. We are only a few minutes away from the Wild Place Project which is (at the time of writing) certified Zombie-free.


Food, Drink and Amenities

It's important to keep your energy levels up when fighting a horde of the undead. Every participant at Base Camp Z can try their hand at making Damper bread with an exciting selection of fillings, ranging from the familiar to the more apocalyptic (we have a selection of edible insects to challenge even the most adventurous diner!). We also have a tuck shop selling snacks. If you're looking for something more substantial, we are within walking distance of Easter Compton farm shop (which is still open and serving good food despite the zombie apocalypse). Their opening hours for hot food are 9am to approx 4pm (3pm on Sundays).

If members of your group need to unwind a little, we also have a custom-made zombie-themed video game 'tent' which is available to everyone.

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