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Frequently Asked Questions

How physically challenging is this?

The experience lasts about two hours, during which you'll do two runs of our 'survival maze', which is equivalent to jogging for 5-10 minutes. You get a reasonable break between each run. You do not need any experience in either archery or shooting to enjoy Base Camp Z.

Some elements (including those with strobe lighting) can be bypassed, but if the participant has concerns with running for a few minutes, has a heart condition, is pregnant, suffers from claustrophobia or is extremely sensitive to flashing lights (e.g. photosensitive epilepsy), we recommend that they do not attend Base Camp Z. The venue is generally wheelchair accessible, and the most of the activities can be undertaken in a wheelchair, but the participant does so at their own risk.

Is it dangerous?

We have designed Base Camp Z to be as safe as possible and to mitigate all major risks. However, this is an adventurous activity using real weapons. All participants must follow instructions and behave safely at all times. You can read more about this in our Terms and Conditions. Our instructors are experienced and hold relevant qualifications from recognised national bodies (such as Archery GB and the National Small Bore Rifle Association). We hold public liability insurance of £2Million.

What's the minimum age?

All participants must be aged 10 or over. All participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult for the entire time at Base Camp Z. During the booking process you'll be asked to confirm the age of each participant. Please be aware that any participants who do not appear to be over the age of 10 should bring proof of age with them. If we cannot confirm the age of younger participants, and our instructors do not feel they would be safe to participate in the activities, they will not be able to take part, and no refunds can be given in this case.

Some parts of the experience take place in darkness and in confined spaces. We recommend that the responsible adult accompanies younger participants during these parts. This is explained in more detail during your briefing.

We do not recommend young children are brought to Base Camp Z. Please read the note for "Can I bring spectators?" below.

Is it scary?

Slightly, yes! Parts of the course are done in a dark and slightly confined space which can be a bit scary for some people. There are however no deliberate scares - nothing will jump out at you. All of our zombies are tame and do not bite - we keep them well fed.

Is this really suitable for kids?

Base Camp Z does not glorify violence against zombies, nor does it feature any excessive horror elements. The main focus of the experience is in learning new skills (as a team) and then using them in a challenging and relatively high-pressure environment. Because everything at Base Camp Z is real (and therefore potentially dangerous), everybody must carefully follow instructions in order to act safely and with full awareness of their surroundings. Our instructors have zero tolerance for unsafe behaviour. This is a big difference in comparison with (for example) computer games, which may seem superficially similar. From our experience, kids and young adults respond very positively to the responsibilities that they are given at Base Camp Z, and greatly enjoy the experience.

What should I wear?

Base Camp Z is located in open barns and buildings which are unheated, therefore wear clothes that you would be comfortable being outdoors in. We recommend a fairly close-fitting top for doing the actual activities - a bulky coat or jacket will get in the way. Of course bring a coat if you wish for when you are not directly engaging in the activities.
It is important to wear shoes that you can move confidently in. We recommend shoes or boots with some form of ankle support as some parts of the course have uneven surfaces. Trainers are OK, lightweight walking shoes or boots are probably better. Flip-flops, open-toed shoes or slip-ons are not permitted.

Are there lockers at the site?

Unfortunately not - as we’re located in a barn on farmland there are no lockers. Please avoid bringing valuables that you aren’t happy to leave in your vehicle or in the open waiting area. As you’ll be jogging about dodging the undead any mobile phones or keys are best kept in pockets with a zip or fastening to avoid falling out.

When should I arrive?

It is very important that you arrive at Base Camp Z at least 10 minutes before your squad's session start time. We would recommend allowing extra time on top of that, as getting from the main road to our location takes a few minutes itself. Please be aware that late arrivals may not be able to participate and there are no refunds or transfers of bookings in this case.

How many people can I bring?

Each 'squad' is up to 8 people. If your group is larger then you can of course book into multiple squads - consecutive time slots do overlap in the Base Camp Z facility, so you'll be able to talk to each other and see how you've all done!

Can I bring spectators?

You can bring one spectator into the facility for each participant. If you need to bring additional spectators, please contact us before booking. Alternatively there are cafés and pubs nearby (assuming they haven't been overrun by the undead of course). Because of the nature of the activities, we do not recommend that young children are brought into Base Camp Z. Any children you bring MUST NOT be permitted to walk around the site unaccompanied as we are running live ranges with live weapons at this site.

Is it possible to move or change a booking?

Bookings made to attend Base Camp Z are generally non-refundable. Our instructors are best used in training you to face the undead horde, not sitting in front of a computer wrangling with bookings! However, if you are in exceptional circumstances, and can provide a minimum of 48 hours notice, we will (at our sole discretion) offer to move or refund your booking. If your camp has become completely overrun by zombies, and you've had to go into hiding, we'll understand. If you provide less than 48 hours notice, we are unable to offer any refund, however we may be able to move your booking to another slot, if there is availability (again, at our discretion). In any event, contact us to discuss your situation.

Can I bring my own bow?

Yes, provided it is safe and the draw weight does not exceed 40 pounds. You will need a minimum of 9 arrows; we recommend 12. Please note that we do not allow carbon-only arrows at Base Camp Z, due to the risk of them shattering if they hit a hard surface. We will inspect all bows for safety purposes, and if our instructors determine your equipment might not be safe, you'll have to use ours (there is no charge for this). Please be aware that there is a risk of damage to your equipment, particularly your arrows; especially so if your bow is approaching the power limit, and/or you use small-diameter arrows. We DO NOT recommend that you bring expensive equipment to Base Camp Z. We cannot accept any liability for loss or damage to your equipment.

Can I bring my own air pistol(s)?

Unfortunately not. The pistols we use have been tested and calibrated to ensure that they are safe and that there is no risk of pellets passing through backstops or causing dangerous ricochets. Our pistols (Umarex Beretta PX-4s) are good quality and a lot of fun! The are full blowback action pistols and are very realistic to use.

Can I do extra runs of the course?

If you've really got your eye on the top of the leaderboard, you might want to do extra runs of the course to post your best possible time! We do allow participants to have additional runs - at a cost of £5 per run - provided there is time available in your slot, and we allocate extra runs on a first-come-first-served basis. Please be aware that our instructors decision in this regard is final; it may not be possible to allow extra runs at busy times.

Can I take photos or videos?

We do allow photos to be taken in some locations in Base Camp Z, provided safety guidance is followed and you do not photograph other people without their express permission. Please check with your instructor before taking photographs or videos.

Is food available on site?

It's important to keep your energy levels up when fighting a horde of the undead. Every participant at Base Camp Z can try their hand at making Damper bread with an exciting selection of fillings, ranging from the familiar to the more apocalyptic (we have a selection of edible insects to challenge even the most adventurous diner!). We also have a tuck shop selling snacks. If you're looking for something more substantial, we are within walking distance of Easter Compton farm shop (which is still open and serving good food despite the zombie apocalypse). Their opening hours for hot food are 9am to approx 4pm (3pm on Sundays).

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